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Insurance Care Direct provides industry leading tools, training, and guidance to agencies of all sizes with a proprietary enrollment platform, administrative back office, and member services

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Discover our wide range of insurance products tailored for agencies, providing flexible coverage options to meet your clients’ needs.¬† We offer competitive compensation structures to meet your needs, too!

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Experience the difference with our trusted solutions crafted to boost your agency’s growth. We prioritize easy-to-follow training, a powerful toolkit, and reliable expert support, ensuring your team has what it takes to excel in today’s insurance market. Unlock a wide range of products with us, empowering you to serve your clients better than ever before.
Take the first step towards unparalleled success by partnering with us today.

Comprehensive Tool Suite

From client management tools to compliance assistance, our toolkit has been honed to perfection over the last two decade.

Expert Guidance and Support

Using this hard earned industry experience, we have refined our methodologies to perfection and eagerly pass on our insights  to our partner agencies.

Cutting Edge Training Programs

In addition to our persistent guidance, we offer training both for our tools and the knowledge necessary for success in today’s insurance marketplace.

Extensive Product Offering

Once you’re up to speed on our systems and the current state of the industry, you can make use of our extensive product partnership.

Our Commitment



Since 1999, Insurance Care Direct has evolved into a leading health and life insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) nationwide. Being a family-owned Floridian business, we are deeply committed to our community, and actively participate in post-hurricane disaster relief and engage in philanthropic endeavors.

Our organization has provided a diverse range of competitive insurance products and cutting-edge software solutions tailored to support insurance professionals in sales, marketing, and lead management for decades. Contact us today to explore how our training, experience, and tools can empower your agency with industry expertise, innovative strategies, compliance knowledge, and technological advancements.



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